You’re ready to partner with me to take action toward                    more of the life and health you want.


Package includes: Five 50-minute sessions upon completion of a Healthy Discovery session.

Investment: HealthyFit Consults are used to determine if we are fit for your investment in one-on-one coaching. Pricing is discussed at that time.

You’re ready to do the work! Now it’s time to dig in with the personalized support you deserve to get to a wellness plan that’s right for you.

To get started we…

  • draft a vision for the healthy vibrant life you crave,
  • prioritize your wellness goals,
  • explore what may be distracting you from it, and
  • co-develop a personalized action plan you feel ready to tackle.

Twice monthly we meet live via online web conference or in-person (limited) to…

  • track your progress,
  • discuss the systems of the body as they relate to your unique health challenges,  
  • celebrate your “a-ha” moments about what’s working and what’s not,
  • discuss lab results or supplements you choose to explore,
  • consider specific changes to nutrition habits, mindset, or lifestyle that can best support your wellness plan
  • strategize specific experiments, experiences and tools that can support your success,
  • identify opportunities to get you more engaged in your medical appointments, and sharing your wellness plan with your provider(s)
  • identify the “health homework” you’ll work on until the next session

In between sessions, I will …

  • provide session email summaries that allow you to work your plan
  • provide email or text support, and respond to your questions, concerns and celebrations as they arise
  • conduct research to further support your individual case
  • review new lab test data you share with me, and investigate additional testing that may lend new insight
  • consider other health and wellness partners who might be of benefit to your plan, and
  • share targeted educational materials to help grow your knowledge and understanding, offer tools to support your progress, and seek creative ways to help you better connect the dots on your health.

After three months we review your progress and discuss next steps.  If you feel equipped to take on the next phase of your health journey solo, we design a transition plan to help you do just that.  And if you need more time together, we revisit your goals and continue building upon what you’ve already accomplished at your pace. 

*After completion of the program, clients may continue to pay for services on a month-to-month basis.

NOTE: No two people are exactly the same so programs, wellness plans and results will also be individual.  A strong sense of curiosity, patience, and a willingness to track and consider even small edits to current habits will be critical to achieving more of the life and health you’re seeking. 

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